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Cecil Balmond, UK, Balmond Studio

Cecil BalmondOBE, is widely considered to be one of the most significant creators of his generation.

An internationally renowned artist, architect and engineer, Balmond transcends the conventional boundaries of discipline working in the crossover between art and science. In this dynamic area, he has re-invented the very concept of space, transforming the meaning of geometry, form and structure.

Balmond’s design approach engages inner organisational systems - a process based on rigorous research. Balmond has spent over 40 years investigating the relationship between form and the very roots of order at the core of life.

This scientific methodology allows Balmond to create alternate theoretical models and negotiate new emergent forms by experimentation. Before setting up Balmond Studio in 2011, Balmond was Deputy Chairman of Arup. He was also Chairman of Arup’s European Building Division, and ran the critically acclaimed design group, AGU (Advanced Geometry Unit). His pioneering work with the AGU, and collaborations with internationally renowned architects, brought Balmond’s unique design philosophy to the global stage.Balmond has also taught at some of the world’s most influential design and architectural institutions, and currently holds the Paul Philippe Cret Chair as Professor of Architecture, at Penn Design, University of Pennsylvania, where he also founded the Non- Linear Systems Organization (NSO), a material and structural research unit. He has also been Visiting Saarinen Professor at Yale University School of Architecture, 1997-2002; Professor at LSE Urban Cities Programme, 2002-2004; and Visiting KenzoTange critic, Harvard Graduate School of Architecture, 2000.

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